While you are peacefully living in the beautiful Atlanta, GA area, a burst pipe can interrupt the quality of your living experience. Aside from natural disasters and appliance repairs, this issue is one of the most stressing scenarios that you can experience while at home.

A burst pipe can be a real nightmare for you, but there are things that you can do to handle the situation. If you noticed that you have a burst pipe or flooding from any type of source, keep calm and remember to complete the following steps to minimize damage and safety risks.


The very first thing that you need to do is to turn off the water supply at the main shutoff. Turning the water off at the main source is more efficient (and safer) than turning the water off at just the sink or toilet where the pipe is broken.

If you feel that the water coming from the burst pipe can rise high enough to reach any electrical sockets or your fuse box, you also need to switch off the electricity completely.


The next step is to open the faucets to drain all the remaining water coming from the system. This way, you can reduce the chance of developing residual water is inside your pipes.


You need to be careful in examining the portions of your pipes and the surrounding areas. If the pipe burst took place in your home’s upper level, identify whether the water also moved into the lower level.


Before starting with the clean-up process, try taking some photos of the damage. This is a great help if you are planning to file an insurance claim. After that, you can use wet vac in removing the standing water and make sure to take extra care to clean and dry wood floor. Once the area has been dried, continue to document any additional damage–like warped wood floors, peeling paint, or sagging drywall. Throughout the water damage remediation process, you should continue to document the damage and repairs.

Hire an Atlanta Water Damage Repair Company

Burst pipes caused during Georgia winters, faulty installations, or old parts can happen. It’s what you do afterwards that is most important. You’ll want to remove the standing water as soon as possible, but if the flooding puts you or your family’s safety at risk, immediately call Fortis Remediation for emergency service. Once we help get your burst pipe under control and the standing water removed, we’ll set you up to begin drying out and work on a remediation and repair plan.