The water damage restoration experts at Fortis Remediation have 40 years of combined experience and truly understand how to restore your property after a storm or flood.

We can help if your home or business has been flooded due to a:

  • Leaky Roof

  • Broken Appliance

  • Plumbing Issue

  • Backed Up Septic

  • Burst Water Pipe

  • Thunderstorm

  • Wind Storm

  • Hurricane

  • Extinguishing a Fire

  • Other Cause or Source of Water Intrusion

A flood could cause a plethora of concerns and our mission is to help our community restore their home or business and return their lives as quickly as possible.

Emergency Water Intrusion Services

As a home or business owner in Atlanta, GA, discovering flooding on your property is perhaps one of your worst fears. Panic and fear become real in this type of disaster and property owners tend to feel overwhelmed by what to do next.

Having quick access to a professional restoration service is vital if you wish to lessen the damage to your property. That’s why Fortis Remediation offers emergency response services in order to minimize the damage that flooding can cause and reduce the risk of additional side effects like mold or mildew.

Fortis Remediation is a full-service water and flood damage restoration company dedicated to assisting you while offering expert-level service.

Avoid Damage to Your Home and Things

You can avoid permanent damage by calling our professionals right after you’ve experienced a flood or water intrusion emergency. We’ll quickly assess the situation and locate the cause of your water intrusion and take the necessary steps to provide immediate relief. Our water damage restoration process includes providing temporary roof and window coverings and prompt water extraction.

Fixing Water Damage Could Be Risky

No matter if it is a flooded basement, washing machine, or bust pipe, time is of always the essence when we talk about water and floor repairs. You see, the longer water lies on your property, the higher the danger of damage to your possessions. There’s also the risk of the standing water interacting with electrical wiring or being contaminated with chemical or bio-hazards.

Avoid Structural Mold and Damage

Water and too much moisture can cause structural damage to a building, apartment, or house. Leaving a massive mold issue untreated can cause structural damage as well. What’s more, water damage and a mold issue could cost you thousands of dollars to resolve if its left unattended.

Our professionals have specialized equipment and all the necessary tools to get the work done. We employ specialized cleaning supplies, high-powered vacuums, drying equipment, and other leading technology to dry out and restore your property.

You can call us if you need to extract water from your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, basement, carpets, rugs or furniture. Our professional will decide what type of method is required based on your situation and needs.

Reconstruction Efforts to Repair Damage

Fortis Remediation provides emergency to reconstruction services for water and flood damage. Once we have your water intrusion under control, we’ll salvage and restore the property we can, and where we cannot, we will rebuild. Our experience extends to more than just reacting to a disaster but also to providing full recovery.

Our team will repair and rebuild all areas of your home or business that have been destroyed by water damage.

Eliminate Bad Odors

Flood water and the damage it causes often leaves behind a murky scent. We will also deodorize your property and ensure it smells fresh and clean when we are done with the task.

Insurance Assistance

In addition to our emergency response, structure and content cleaning, and full reconstruction services, your assigned Fortis team will also help you sort out filing a claim with your insurance company. Experiencing a disaster can be stressful, but we’ll do what we can to alleviate your burden.

When taking into consideration water and flood damage restoration in Atlanta, GA, residents must take time to find a proficient and experienced professional. Fortis Remediation can help. For more information, call us today!