If your business or home is faced with scenarios that result from damages from flooding, mold, smoke, water intrusion, or fire, it is highly imperative that the structure and content cleaning process begins immediately. Your contents should also be removed as soon as possible from affected locations to avoid further loss. Our team of experts can guarantee that your contents and your property are taken care of with utmost respect.

We are Professionals Who Can Handle Your Structure and Content Cleaning Needs

In the event your commercial property or your home experienced extensive damage, considering your restoration options can be daunting. Our experienced team of professionals are here to help. Our clients’ best interest is our top priority. Our structure and content cleaning entail affordable yet reliable solutions in cleaning your structure and content the professional way in order to maximize restoration while minimizing the damaging events of the disaster.

With Fortis Remediation to take care of your cleaning needs, you can expect certified and trained personnel to assess the damage and recommend the best solutions and cost-effective options that will bring your home or business back to normal within the soonest possible time.

Restoring structures, equipment, furnishings, and other items subject to smoke, water, and fire damage often cost less than replacing them. You can rely on our expert crews to utilize the most advanced methods and the latest equipment available to salvage important property.

Out structure and content cleaning services include the following:

Smoke Damage & Residue

Fire is not only destructive, the smoke associated with it can also affect areas unscathed by the flames. Smoke residue gives off a lasting odor – we make sure that you will not be living with any unpleasant smells. Our expert team can eliminate smoke residue from most surfaces to prevent further odor.

Water Extraction

Our highly trained and experienced professionals are on call for urgent water extraction.  Water damage because of floods, extinguishing fires, storms, or leaky pipes can result in added issues like mold and mildew.  Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate excess moisture, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas.

Content Salvaging

Saving your personal content and property is one of our primary goals. We make every attempt to rescue your stuff from the damage spreading through your home. Utilizing specialize processes and equipment we restore furniture, carpets, rugs, personal effects, cabinets, and other structures within your home or office.

Document and Book Drying

Salvaging paper after a fire or flooding is a difficult task and every effort is made to properly dry out documents and books to prevent breakdown.

Structural Cleaning

In order to preserve your home and restore its contents following the destruction of a disaster, our remediation and restoration experts take precautionary steps to properly clean, sanitize, and minimize the damage caused by the catastrophic event.

Mold Remediation

We will remove the source of mold contamination, and the rectify moisture problems as soon as possible.

Give Us a Call, and We Will Take Care of Everything

Our team is well versed when it comes to structure and content cleaning making our company highly sought after when clients have damaged properties caused by fire, water, or wind damage. We will ensure that our clients are aware of all the possible and available options and take necessary actions to revitalize their properties. Regardless of what your situation is, Fortis Remediation is here to help you.

Our experts will be on site within just a few minutes or during an emergency, and we’ll work safely and quickly to take excellent care of your business or home with guaranteed high standards. Just in case your property needs repairs beyond clean up, we will still be there to provide the restoration and reconstruction services you need.

If the need for professional structure and content cleaning service arises, feel free to contact us. Our company is more than willing and happy to serve your needs.