Disasters happen and they can be devastating – and on more than just an emotional level. Disasters can destroy your home in moments and make it financially difficult to restore your home without causing a financial burden, that is unless you have insurance. Homeowner’s insurance and business property insurance are both vital to the remediation and restoration process.

Insurance industry plays an intrinsic part in the construction and remediation industry. As one of your leading service providers, we do not just focus on delivering services to our clients but also establishing good relationships with insurance companies so that filing your claim for your remediation and restoration services is handled quickly and efficiently.

Fortis Remediation provides the following insurance restoration and remediation services to clients in the greater Atlanta area.

  • Mold Remediation

  • Fire Damage Restoration

  • Smoke Damage Remediation

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Flood Damage Remediation

  • Wind Damage Restoration

  • Storm Damage Restoration

Our Company’s Relationship with the Insurance Industry

The accuracy of details and estimates is an essential factor. Our expert team works closely with many different insurance adjusters as well as property owners in estimating any particular project accurately and efficiently. Eventually, these will be executed promptly by keeping utmost care and attention to customer satisfaction and quality.

We take pride in having a smooth relationship with insurance firms and providers. This means dealing with the following on the homeowner’s behalf:

    • Claims adjusters
    • Insurance carriers
    • Insurance agents
    • Insurance consultants
    • Insurance brokers

We are fully aware that most insurance corporations want remediation and restoration construction companies that are efficient and provide top of the line services, companies that are professionals and take good care of clients. That’s why Fortis Remediation is fully dedicated to our clients and what we do on a daily basis – returning homes back to their families.

We Strive to Maintain Long Term Relationships

Since our inception, we have also been serving and catering to the reconstruction and mitigation needs of insurance companies. We take pride in our excellent quality, customer service and our focus, we can certainly impress our clients and make them satisfied. We always go beyond our duties and obligations. We make the effort of fixing problems that our clients are not satisfied with.

We maintain a professional team of experienced and skilled tradesmen. Our in-house resources provide us with unique advantages for the reason that we’re able to respond immediately and maintain the right quality at the same time. Our employees are all properly certified and trained.

We also take pride in our excellent ability to handle the insurance claims of every nature and scale. We take time and effort to work closely with all insurance firms and professionals in delivering quality claims services, project management and more. We do this while reducing costs and shortening the life cycles of projects and improving customer services.

We believe in the vital role in establishing and maintaining relationships, so we take the effort of reaching out, connecting and developing relationships, with our community and insurance companies alike.

If you want to learn more about our fire, water, and wind remediation and restoration services and the insurance work we do, feel free to contact us or explore our site.