Disasters don’t strike on schedule, nor do they always hit during traditional business hours. That’s why Fortis Remediation offers around the clock emergency response every day of the year. That means no matter what time, what holiday, or what might be going on, Fortis responds.

We are capable of responding to any call within our service area within two hours or less.

During an emergency response, you can expect a slightly different protocol than regularly scheduled remediation and restoration appointments.

  1. During your initial call we determine the extent of your emergency, grab the tools we’ll need, and head your way.
  2. Upon our arrival, we’ll determine the source of damage and contributing causes.
  3. Immediately to take action to rectify the situation to prevent further damage (roof coverings, water extraction, etc.).
  4. Once emergency response has been fulfilled, schedule full remediation service.

The most important part of our emergency response is to ensure our customer’s safety and take efforts to minimize damage caused by the disaster. Actions including, but not limited to, may be performed:

  • Coverings placed over damaged roofs, windows, doors, or other openings.
  • Main water and/or electric shut off to ensure security of all those on the property.
  • Water extraction of standing water to minimize damage.
  • Dehumidifiers and air movers set up to maximize moisture removal.
  • Salvageable property removed and prepped for restoration process in order to prevent further damage.

Once things are under control, we return to provide full remediation and restoration services.

At our scheduled appointment we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your property and provide an estimate on the extent of the damage. We’ll also collect your insurance information if you plan to file a claim and help you through this process.

Fortis Remediation understands that while we may have gone through similar situations, its likely our customer hasn’t, and we approach ever situation with compassion and understanding. If your home is affected by a fire, storm, water intrusion, or mold, it is important to act quickly to reduce further damage to your property and belongings and begin the restoration process as soon as possible so you can get back to living your life.