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What should I do if I find a leak?2019-07-05T18:06:58+00:00

A small leak can often only appear to be small. There may be more damage than you can see, especially if you aren’t sure how long the leak has been active. The most important thing to do is to turn off the water source, and then contain the water. If the water is close to any outlets or electrical components, you should also switch off the main power source. Cleaning up the water may not be a true solution, as traditional cleaning does not account for moisture that has spread below the surface. Mold spores begin setting in within 48 to 72 hours, and moisture is a primary requirement for mold growth. To ensure your home is truly in the clear, the best strategy is to enlist the aid of a water damage and mold remediation company.

Are you certified or licensed?2019-04-22T07:37:31+00:00

Yes! Fortis Remediation is fully licensed, insured, and certified to conduct wind, fire, water, and mold remediation and reconstruction.

It was only a small amount of flooding; do I really need remediation services?2019-07-05T18:02:43+00:00

Just because the surface of the floor and/or wall has dried does not mean that moisture was unable to seep deeper into the material. Remediation services following any type of flooding are highly recommended because it is easy for mold to set in and go unnoticed for long periods of time. The more extensive the damage, the more costly the remediation process is likely to be, so it is financially beneficial to seek advice early on.

My furniture feels dried out; why does it need further treatment?2019-07-05T18:10:49+00:00

As with walls and floors, furniture, too, can absorb moisture– especially if your furniture is made from wood, fabric, or a combination thereof. Restoration treatments ensure that your property is fully dried out and, in the event of smoke damage, is free of any smoke residue and odor.

Is water damage covered by my insurance? Is Fire? Mold?2019-07-05T18:15:01+00:00

This will depend on the type of coverage you have. Most insurance policies will cover the cost of repairs and lost property in the event of a “covered peril.” However, most homeowner’s and business insurance policies exclude flooding caused by storms. Some policies may also exclude or limit coverage for damage caused by a burst pipe or internal source. Disasters caused by one’s own negligence, such as leaving a tub running or a candle lit, can often result in a denied claim.


To know for sure, you’ll have to contact your insurance agency to review the terms of your policy. We can assist you in filing a claim if your insurance offers coverage for your type of disaster, as well as the resulting remediation and restoration services.

How much will remediation cost?2019-07-05T23:05:13+00:00

Typically, the more extensive the damage, the more work will be required to restore your property (which, of course, increases the expense). Because each case is unique, no service provider can give an accurate estimate without first seeing your property. We can then perform a thorough analysis to determine the extent of the damage and what kind of work is required for full remediation and restoration.